Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I object"

 Read No Evil

You can read what I say you can read.
Just in case I'm called upon to co-council Bradley Manning at his trial, that's what I'll lead with;
"I object!"
Then something like "this whole court is out of order". I'll probably be screaming "you can't handle the truth" as they drag me out.
Don't let's forget a hero of the Free-the-Information era. Read this Motherboard story and join your energy to your indignation.

Down Low Dead

We are fortunate here in the Southern Cone, downloading torrent files is the norm. Without making a case against the Mega Music Corps that have ripped off consumers repeatedly, people simply don't have $25 bucks for a plastic disc with music on it. It's widely agreed that if prices had been or even become reasonable and more of the money would go to the artist, we'd pay for music. Many of us consider it indispensable. But alas, the music is out of the bag. There will be no putting the toothpaste back in the tube. Here's a cute image to help with your guilt.


Remember Bernie Madoff? I know, the people that lost big with this guy deserved to, but the bigger story is that people are still trying to 'alert' the US Federal Government to various illegal schemes, fraud and waste and are astonished that no one cares. Imagine!
News Flash: Those guys are usually running the scams.
What flim-flamery they're not directly in charge of is either sanctioned or ignored. Keep those wheels turning. Until they fall off I suppose.

It's heart warming to see people becoming aware....as they go broke. Snif.
Here's the story from NPR.

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