Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vacation: Part One

Janine and the boys headed out to La Paloma for two weeks of surf, sun and sand. I will join them next week. We'd reasoned that as the house was the fullest with the friends we've shared this rental with (and the kids), I would be more comfortable staying just the second week. I'm not sure if I'd have rather gone or not, but it didn't seem up for discussion. I'm settling in for a quiet week.
Since seeing everybody off, I've been puttering around here; cleaning up WMP and my music files, watched Zeitgeist again, straightening out the shop, dishes, etc.

I took a 'quick' trip to the mall. I knew an art supply there would be open. I have been trying to illustrate some design ideas I have for the Coffee Shop.  I have this vague notion of theme; sort of French bistro/patisserie/small European town bar with added bolder details a bit like some downtown Manhattan or trendy Brooklyn haunts. I am thinking of a specific color group to start. I have even found colors similar on an old staples box and the old font used might fit right in.
I'm not handy enough with computer graphics to put something together. That may change. I've downloaded some programs and will continue with the tutorials. Maybe I can produce something there.
For now, I know I can draw a bit and have been wanting to paint for some time. I'm starting slowly, but I feel like something enjoyable is beginning. I started with some acrylics and the brushes I had. The result was pretty, well it looks like my first try.
Today, I have bulked up a bit, spending $400 pesos on more paint, illustration board, tape and a few teeny, tiny brushes. I'm gonna paint some more.

One way or another I will put some of my ideas about the look of our coffee shop on paper so we can discuss it. And by discuss it I mean congratulate me on the beauty and genius of it and wholeheartedly signing off on our new look.