Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautify me

Saints 2, Science 0

This is at least a week old, but just in case you hadn't heard.
While I am personally charmed by the myriad of rules and regulations contained within Catholicism, I must be fair and paint those guys with the same brush everyone else gets.
In this story  from MercoPress, the new Pope decides two other Popes are to get sainthood, including John Paul II (from just a few years ago).
Kind of quick don't you think?
These things have traditionally taken years, centuries I imagine, in past cases.
I would think it is easier these days, with all the technology and such to er, verify the required miracles.
I always assumed they attempted to asses and vote on cases from ancient history precisely because nobody had much proof of anything other than what they were saying.
But no, now this previously rare vestige is being handed out as easily as some silly science or literary prize.
"I heard one was a kind of card trick"
Read up on one of my favorite religions (voted most conflicting rules and most confusing rules two centuries in a row ! - Heaven and Hell Magazine )

What we appear to have is an ever increasing level of absurdity in religious belief that gives cover to everyone. There's always some crazier, more extreme group than the one you're in. "Please, whatever you do, don't lump me in with those people."That nearly universal human characteristic of admitting to be a part of it while also saying you are apart from it.

You are your thing.

I know, you think you have a 'get out of hell free' card, so if the rest don't make it, well you warned us right?
Not cool and BTW not true.
No soul searching necessary just cut out the fantasy stuff and do good, as much as possible.
Pretty simple.

What do we do now?

Well that's what the State Dept. must have been muttering once they learned that Orange County California Sheriff's Dept. prosecutors were preparing to bring a case against a Saudi Arabian princess who had a slave, oh I mean servant, eh maid, yeah a maid escape the house and take a bus to find freedom and some while she and her family were staying in Irvine, Ca.
This story from The Los Angelis Times is sad and a bit hillarious.
I imagine the top brass are pretty cozy with those particular A-rabs, with as much secrecy as possible of course. Now the forces of the US justice system were about to collide with the 'special relationship' that exists between the world's biggest oil producer and it's best customer.
Disaster averted, phew!
The Saudi Arabian Consulate posted the 5 million dollar bail. I'm sure the princes and the rest of her property were whisked away to the safety of their nearest villa. Hopefully in a country that doesn't forget who's paying the bills around here, sheesh!
Try to read up on this foul and GROWING trend in crime and entitlement.
Still thinking to vacation in Dubai?
You will loose 1 child for every hour I spend here, do you hear me?

I call those rednecks in Irvine righteous dudes. And brave!                                                                It looks like it might have been a hassle to arrest this broad, check out her eyes.

Now that's inappropriate!

So this guy, sends some pictures of his 'package' to a woman he wants to impress? It doesn't work, but does get him kicked out of congress. Now he's running for Mayor of New York and not doing too badly either. No judgement, just reporting the facts.
How you like me now?

Read about this latest failure of the main stream press (New York Times in this case) to inform and educate the populace from one of our heroes, Greg Palast Investigative Reporter.

You-all have a good day.

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