Thursday, July 4, 2013

Boom Chica Boom

Money in the bank

Let's have another good read on modern banking practices, corporate behavior and the atmosphere in which they thrive. Big surprise, this story is critical of 'Merica.
I hope you find this and related stories not as an insult, but another step toward understanding the mess we're all in.
The only bank you need.
Don't skip the comments, for me they are usually as good as the featured article.
I agree with the "everybody goes on strike" guy.

Snowden Watch 

Well this is getting good. Mighty Amerika is flexing it's muscle again. Actually it's pitiful flailing, the death throws of dying super power, but I digress. Our hero is stilled holed up in a Soviet airport as far as we know and Captain Amerika grows ever more desperate trying to catch hold of the little snitch.
A neighbor of ours, Evo Morales (president of Boliva) was headed back home from what was apparently a fact finding visit to Snowden, had his plane diverted after France and Portugal denied his plane passage over their sovereign soil. Hmm, let's see how that's explained.
UNASUR has called a special meeting for South American leaders to discuss the matter.
Every person can seek asylum. The US says he's wanted on charges, he needs to face those first. Some of the wimpier countries are saying the same; as a fugative he can't ask for asylum. Aside from the sticky problem that you need be in the country that you are asking asylum from. Plus Tio Sam has revoked his passport, not nice.
They're doing their level best to bring this guy to heel, but we can find the collective will stop them. Read Snowden's statement, weigh the facts and block out the chest thumping indignation from a country that is in the middle of being exposed for spying on just about everybody.

The Truth

If you're wondering how we stay so positive (Uruguay is a frustrating place to live, just like where you are), despite the seemingly unstoppable progression of decay made all the worse by the cranking of the machine to 11 (thanks Spinal Tap)- "full power, our technology and wealth will pull us out of this!". Wonder no more.
We know the truth.
(OK, full disclosure: I'm not all sure I understand this full and have not read the book, but I WILL)
The Present is a rambling and repetitive wake up call to anyone listening. It at once chides us, abandons the likely masses who will ignore this, yet still unceasingly rallies toward an understanding that will help friend and foe alike. We all benefit because there will be no more 'us' and 'them' to begin with.
Read this without fail or delay.
I'm not messing around.
Afterwards you'll have more questions than answers, but somehow you'll think that's just right.


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