Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Good News about Uruguay

Everything is relative. This says it all and nothing at the same time.

It's quite hard to appreciate what you've got until you loose it, to really know your excesses until you are force to do with less.

Some of the world's biggest economies are struggling and something deep inside us knows it's not just the crash of 2008.

Is there any hope that Goliaths of the globe can learn something from the Davids?

Here's another story remarking on Uruguay's success, beauty and safety. It's a tiny place where the pace and practices usually make the average 'Norteamericano' cringe, but it's not what you have, it's how well you live.

By the way, what's in your wallet? Read this American Quarterly article if you have some time.


Americas Quarterly

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lula da Silva says Latin America’s left is a model for developed countries — MercoPress

Uruguay's Frente Amplio and other 'Left' governments of South America are a model for the big guys. 

What do you know?

Of course there is little to no hope of dislodging the growing popularity of conservative (read; hateful) political ideologies as they are the product of a completely broken system. A system that not only promotes and rewards selfishness, but makes learning another way treasonous.

Enjoy the article.

Lula da Silva says Latin America’s left is a model for developed countries — MercoPress

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Gas

For nearly two weeks a city that lives by bottled gas has had to do without. 

Here they're called 'garrafas'.

Like most people our stove is connected to a small tank that sits nearby. For us it's under our kitchen counter, behind some doors. For some it's just outside, maybe a patio area and the connection passes through a hole in the wall. Very low-tech and it works quite well. 

There is currently a strike underway by the workers who handle these tanks. As I hear it, they are asking for a shorter day due to the inherent hazards. Of course it comes down to man vs. business (read: humanity vs. profit), as the gas companies have replied that there are other ways to reduce risks, but those would involve.............drum roll please, a increase in price. 

Who saw that coming?

We had a little luck with this. After our kitchen tank ran out, we discovered the tank from the upstairs heater was nearly full. As far as me picking it up can gauge. We have two space heaters on wheels. The tank sits inside these little 'carts' and they work quite well. 
Winter for us has no snow, but it can be plenty cold. I wouldn't mind having yet another of those things, I prefer it to the 'split' in our bedroom. That's the A/C-Heat unit, wall mounted with the compressor part on the outside.

The last news is that all sides are nearing a solution. There's been talk of the pols getting involved. Somebody has mentioned including gas handlers into the realm of essential services, like cops that can not strike. I know it takes power from the union, which is bad, but everything and I mean everything needs checks and balances. 

I suppose if it went on for a very long time we will cook some on the parilla, order out (although it will soon affect most restaurants), eat salads and sandwiches. There will probably be a rush to buy all the  electric appliances out there. You know what worries me the most? No morning coffee!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chevron Runs from Judgment in Ecuador

Do you ever think about what our oil dependency costs us? Most would agree that the world is being polluted, but do you realize that many global companies operate outside of reason, morality and law. Read this article if you have some time.

Chevron Runs from Judgment in Ecuador