Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is a Light

The issue of repealing the amnesty law created just after the military dictatorship still looms here in Uruguay. President Jose Mujica continues to prefer leaving things as they are, only investigating disappearances and certain specific crimes, not all the abuses or illegality of those regimes. Uruguayans have twice voted not to repeal the amnesty and key figures in this administration and the Frente Amplio are also unwilling to press on with any attempts at repeal. Follow this compelling and complicated issue about democracy, fairness and the current state of affairs in Uruguay here in this June 4 article from Montivdeo Portal (Titled: Interview with Huidobro) or in this thread of dialogue from a blog geared toward expats.

Disgusted with politics as usual? Discouraged about the future? Fed up with bleak, cynical forcasts (like this blog)?

Here's a great article with loads of links to strong, creative, even inspiring approaches to fixing what ailes us all.

I say capitalism is a plague upon society, but that does nothing with the exception of irritating people. I have no alternative in mind, I only know this is not working for MOST people.

For those who dare to imagine that; A) change is needed and B) change is possible! READ THIS ARTICLE and as many of the supporting articles as possible.

Reimagining Capitalism: Bold Ideas for a New Economy | The Nation
We now return to my regularly scheduled chronic dissatisfaction with endlessly proliferating apathy.

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