Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Bad Old Days, FBI news, Spotlight Uruguay & Movie Picks

Wax this

There will be no more waxing nostalgic about what we did, when and how great or over-the-top it was. No more, done, finito. I will not stand for it. (I'm sitting now)
This will include;

  1. how hard things were back in-the-day
  2. how everything is just a remake (and a poor imitation at that) of something from years ago 
  3. how there's just no quality anything anymore 
  4. you couldn't do THAT in my day
Especially repugnant are tales of how hard you partied back then. No good time goes without someone comparing it to how crazy it was that one time. Woooo! Let's just assume that everyone has done some crazy shit, made some unexpected acquaintances, happened upon the epicenter of happening just by chance and ended up someplace weird.
I'm sure modern psychology has a term for it, but I just call it the bad old days. I'm not even debating weather it's factual or not. For me sirens go off, lights start flashing and it's Red Alert: change the subject or head for the door. Here's why I think it's a bad idea.
  1. If you're going on about the past or imagining how great it'll be when such and such happens in the future, you're not living in the now (see last post). While it's not possible to forget it all and since we do need experience to keep us from touching a hot stove the second time, don't get too extreme. Just stay in the moment and everything past or future will be exactly were it needs to be.
  2. With so many people battling addictions, compulsions and excessive behavior chatting it up about how no one did more than you once upon a time could be a trigger for the speaker or audience. Keep that stuff private or professional please.
  3. Reliving or reviving the past is all about you. Let someone else drive for a while. 

The FBI outdoing themselves, again

Here's a story that skims the surface of what the already jaded know and the all-too-trusting American public is slow to grasp.
All this 'surveillance' of the public is already out of control.
The propensity for error, nefarious uses and the legal and moral objections to being spied upon have been in discussion and print for a long while. From the apologist; you need not worry if you have nothing to hide, to the cowed conformist; tough security for tough times means a little less liberty: deal with it!
I am reminded of a rogue free thinker that warned those willing to trade liberty for security deserve neither.
Oh My, what should we do?
In the mean time, here's the article.


Uruguay takes the vanguard on common sense toward smoke what-you-want thereby capturing the world's attention and gaining the moral if not bureaucratic high ground.
This had led magazines, newsers and artists to weigh in en masse. Sometimes they even come here.
Emil Kusturica was here recently shooting for a feature film that features non other than our President Jose Mujica. Kusturica has won awards for his direction and is a full blown activist, actor and musician as well. He calls Mujica a hero.         We agree.

This month film maker Frances Causey puts her focus on Uruguay's style of democracy.She's making a documentary about the mind poison that is the American way complete with it's forced exportation of free-dumb. Go Team America!
A prior film of hers 'Heist - Who Stole the American Dream ?' was a heaping dose of reality about the corporate masters who arrange the entire social spectrum to maximize their profits. A perverse adversarial relationship that actually pits citizens against each other through control of the media and things like patriotic propaganda and religion. Control of government to wage war? There are absolutely no limits and the rate that this occurs is on the increase, resulting in record wealth transfers (you can guess which way the money is going) every year. It's a lot to digest, but there's value in another attempt to bang this through.

If you haven't already been sent the video of the dude who smokes a joint with the President of Uruguay, Another good one from Vice. I too was turned off at this attention grabbing 'stunt' and fully expected a fluff piece culminating with some stoner-journalisto hamming it up with an embarrassed Head of State.
I liked Krishna Andavolu's boiled down synopsis of the situation so far as well as his choices for interviews. It's just a summary, if you need more detail than that it's available. He got a few things wrong, but did better than I expected.
This clip is also a chance to hear some views from Pepe. I don't know how he comes across, but he's highly regarded in this country as well as these pages. It's hard to root for any politician these days. For me this guy has common sense, moral character and is wise and humble. Yes, sure there may be better, younger candidates who can do even more. Step up fellas, it's time to get to work.

Daily's Movie Picks

Classic- Hud 1963 This one stars my all time favorite actor Paul Newman. Here's a guy that had it all; looks, charm, was a stand up guy, family man, philanthropist, director, race car driver and a pretty decent actor to boot. See this gem and know why he caused such a sensation right from the start. It's straight up black and white, but painted generously with bleak desperation. You will feel this one.  

Action- Miller's Crossing Since that sweaty young Paul Newman is a treat for the ladies, I'm throwing in a guy flick. It's not the race cars and explosions type guy film, but well, you'll see what I mean. A bunch of tough guys take what they want; crooks vs. crooks vs. cops with a tricky plot. Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney are outstanding. A gut wrenchingly pathetic John Turturro will worm his way into your consciousness.

FEELINGS- Dallas Buyers Club. What happens when a homophobic redneck gets AIDS? It seems like this devastating epidemic has been pushed off the cultural radar after it's unchecked growth was brought somewhat under control for people who can pay for care. This film is trashy flashback to the days of too much is not enough that's quite sobering. Matthew McConaughey takes a seat with the heavy weights on this one. Check it.

Thanks for reading, more to come.



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