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Why envisioning the Apocalypse is good for humanity.

It's so hard to imagine ourselves dead that we make things up about how it will be.
This includes what happened before, who will end up where and why. Sometimes with incredible detail on this supposed afterlife.
We are making up 'facts' about what was before and what comes after. Hmmm.
Hard for some to admit, but since obviously no one knows, I think this time could be better used to enjoy some or all of what you have now. Simply put.
Sure, it's the age old question of living to the fullest and all that.
Let us also keep firmly in mind the fact that for millions the now completely sucks.

With no further comment on which theory one favors, I advocate for the alarmingly simple yet profound "living in the now". It's easier than you think

Living in the now is allowing yourself to realize that you are not really conscious of any "before" and won't be aware of anything "after". That means your now is all you'll ever know and for you, from your perspective it's all the time. Always has been and from our perspective always will be.

That's it. Like Terence Stamp's character in 'Yes Man' explains about his philosophy; "it's that simple at first, to get you started. You can integrate the subtleties you go"

Annalee Newitz has written a book that appears to have some good science and good practical directions preparing us for our eventual extinction. So, we got that goin' for us.
Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction attempts to 'learn us' about what we're likely to do based on how we are.  So let's assume that's how it's gonna go down and relax a bit. No sky-is-falling doomsday predictions, no hoarding, there will be no ships waiting to ferry us away to a better world. 

Daily's Movie Picks: 

  • Action     -  I'm going with 'Layer Cake'. An English Crime and Punishment flick that's quite the ride. You may need the subtitles.
  • Feelings  -  Mike Leigh's heavy from 2002 'All or Nothing'. Not feeling so great? Now you're worse. You're welcome.
  • Classic    -  Almost everything I recommend is a classic (to me), but I'll try to keep this pick 'old-ish', black and white if possible so everyone knows it's a classic. I'm going with 'Groundhog Day'.  Yes you've seen it, but have you seen it recently? 20 years young (so technically a classic in any book). Watch Bill Murray earning the praise that's inspired what's now a cult of admirers. Lots of great small moments that mask the seriousness of the message; you only get one chance to do good, so do good.

Under Construction

The long awaited details for the implementation of the newly passed Marijuana Laws here are still pending. The law and what it proposes are available on line, but I don't think anything much has been agreed upon, still. There are tons of issues to work out; from other products made from the plants fibrous parts to distribution/availability issues.
This thing is far from settled. Plenty of politicians agreed to this because of the financial rewards others because it was the right thing to do. And many were against it. I posted that the International Narcotics Control Board had urged UY not to pass a law at odds with their long standing (and I mean long) position against such harmful substances. Now their urging for a 180. Turn back now and all is forgiven, or something like that.

Add to the mix pressure from the outside (read: US) and agencies like the UN or the international organization of pharmacies telling member pharmacies they may not participate, a problem exasperated by the fact that more and more pharmacies are being consolidated into multinational franchises. Political Capitalism against Sovereign Rights of self-determination.

Publications I have been able to understand show little local attention to the international hysteria, our El Pais a notable exception. Things will take their usual meandering route and end up within the limits of common sense and in sync with the country's prevailing attitude.

This will certainly not sit well with some.

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