Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Uruguay Weed Watch

This just in.

Officials report that pharmacies in Uruguay will not be distributing legalized marijuana when the new law is put into effect. That's a relief as far as I'm concerned.
All of the models for distributing pot so far have sounded like they are being conceived by people who have never bought or even smoked the stuff.
Here's what legalized weed will not do;

  • Curb the use or spread of Cocaine and it's evil stepsister, pasta base.
  • Encourage people who don't smoke to start.
  • Render the population stupefied most of the time.
  • Increase the drug trade.
  • Discourage uppity 'first world' countries to shun the R.O.U.
There is a whole lot of good that can come of laws that are more in concert with how people actually live and regard smoking MaryJane. They are:
  • Home growers and cooperatives could take a large enough market share to drive the cartels to greener pastures.
  • Like prostitution (legal here) it would further demystify and thereby likely lower the chances of kids being desperate to try it.\
  • Other countries may be emboldened to make similar laws which could be the beginning of a landslide of common sense.
  • Once weed comes out of the shadows and is no longer associated with drugs like heroine, it might be easier to fund research for the many other possible uses.
The world is changing and fast. The time to see things as they really are and take some positive action is now.
I have a grave feeling next year is gonna be a doosie.
Here's the story.

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