Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't give up

A beautiful future.

Why not?   

If you find the current spate of OUR-FUTURE-GONE-WRONG narratives kind of depressing, I found someone with a different angle.

If it's not Zombies, Evil Robots or our Cyber-Selves wreaking havoc, the planet itself has gone haywire; Mother Earth finally having had just enough from her smartest inhabitants.

It's a plausible theme, seeing as how we are destroying our own environment and wildly can't stop! Check this Motherboard story about Alex McKay's book "The World We Made" which looks forward to 2050.  It could give a brother hope.

The World We Made: Alex McKay's Story from 2050

If nothing else it names the climate disaster genre 'cli-fi', which is pretty funny.

The Higher the Fewer 

Legalization of The Devil's Lettuce here in the Southern Cone is still up in the air, so to speak.
There's been much written, but with few specifics of how the new laws will work. My guess is no one knows.
Sure, drips and drabs come to light every so often to us 'on the verge' of knowing something. The latest news is that a gram will cost around $100 pesos (US $5.00).
I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't worked out for a few years. Even if it is people may just gravitate back to familiar ways.
Seeing as how this is all under the control of our faithful servants in government I'm confident nothing less than a clusterfuck will result.

It's a mess, but at least we've begun discussing it. A long-overdue problem that most nations haven't even started talking about.

Snowden Watch:

In case you haven't been keeping up our hero is enjoying the hospitality of Russia at the present. This may or may not turn out to be a kind fate, but it certainly works for the time being and it sure beat the hell out of his rapidly diminishing options.
The rest of us carry on; either blithely unaware of any such wrinkles in the smooth fabric that is life or victims of our overlords last desperate attempts to control EVERYTHING.
I have some related material dutifully submitted to those of us in the latter category as Edward Snowden attempts to lay low, punished, persecuted and maligned for doing what only one in several million of us would be even willing to do.

Read this.......

Britain defends detaining the partner of Edward Snowden journalist



James Howard Kunstler is a torrent of bad news you need to hear. I hardily recommend his rants as required reading, with a dose of salt please. He's on a roll, but possibly rolling nowhere except to his next book. You be the judge.
This excerpt is from a recent piece and mentions Snowden. It gives a good glimpse of JHK. Think you can handle it?

The diminishing returns of computer technology applied to intelligence gathering are that it produces more mountains of data than any team of professionals can make sense of, and it prompts said professionals to make mischief with the information that is easiest to sort out: the financial records of ordinary citizens. Nothing will create political resistance more surely than messing with people’s money. The NSA apparatus is now a self-reinforcing monster that will strive for ever more control ineffectively, creating a debris path of ever more embarrassment and resentment. A lone true patriot like Snowden does more to oppose this monster than all the “freedom” and “liberty” spouting, flag-lapel-pin-wearing cowards in either political party.

Thanks for keeping up.
Peace bitches.

links: James Howard Kunstler

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