Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get to Steppin'

It's the time of year here in Uruguay to start all the drumming and marching.
La Llamadas (pronounced JA-MA-DAS ) is the Carnevâl-esq parade, replete with competing groups of drums, dancers and a wide range of colorful performers. I've posted my experience at this event and I'm glad I went. It's a genuine part of life here; understand things of this nature and you have some chance of relating to life here.

However, I have had enough of it. I never liked parades much and it's all just too excited, really.

over heated?
The weather has cooled a lot since Thursday, the first of the two nights of Llamadas. It was soooo hot, I felt bad for anyone trying to get anything done in that weather. I know we suffered plenty at CS.
I feel bad for the dancing girls of that festival anyway. All the shaking, all that smiling, my god. Even with enthusiasm for what your're doing, 4 hours of being all jazzed up in that heat seems too much to ask of anyone.

This past Friday's weather forecast called for a big storm. Seriously, it was code orange or something. The thing did pass, although early that morning and it was intense. It blew in quickly preceded by quick successions of lightening flashes. Then big rain drops, slow at first, turning into a wild driving rainstorm. Then as suddenly as it began, it was over.

As is this post. Thanks for tagging along.

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