Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So warm, so wrong

Things are heating up these days.
The wife commented on our warm spell of these past few days, "so warm, so wrong" and it's wrong all over it seems.

Many warnings lately of a big financial adjustment that's about to take place. Devaluing of the US dollar, Quantative Easing or something like that. Sounds too big to happen, but these days you never know.

A contributor to ZeroHedge wrote ominously;
"Being a participant in a hopelessly compromised, rigged market makes us marks because we're ultimately providing liquidity and capital for the players to skim. When the officially sanctioned intervention finally fails and the market leaks 40% of its current value, the muppets will finally understand the "outsized returns" were just a con used to entice them into playing digital 3-card monte. The game is rigged, but the greed of the player overrides his skepticism and caution. The same can be said for pension funds and all the other institutional players. Desperate for yield, they've foolishly ponied up hundreds of billions of dollars to play 3-card monte with crooked dealers and a crooked house."

I love that!

I'd welcome some pain if it meant a majority of people would finally start to get it. Instead of the odd cynical blog post, real people taking real action.  The current system isn't working for me.
How about you?

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    Hi Jim and Jeanine.

    Last January Rose and I (Bob) spent a few moments in the Coffee Shop and really enjoyed the conversation.

    Hope you don't miss New York.

    Bob & Rose,
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