Monday, April 12, 2010

Square Feet vs. Sq. Meters: Round One

Ding. There's square feet in U$D, (what you are likely used to), sq. ft. in Pesos Uruguayos (frankly, not much call for that), sq. meters in Dollars and sq. meters in Pesos. Those last two being used here the most.
The major elements of property ownership; maintenance, renovation, and resale are populated with costs that vacillate between pesos and dollars constantly. Then there's the dollar/peso valuation, based on the purchase or sale cost of United States Currency here. Gotta keep an eye on that. A house you bought for $90,000 while the pesos was 24 to the dollar and sold when the pesos dropped to 19,  is then worth only about U$70,000.  Not so good.
All the converting can drive you nuts.
The price for square meter can vary wildly by street, let alone neighborhood. Throw in everybody's personal bias and you've got a mess. Anyone, who says they know is selling something and that can throw it off further.
We are thick in a sale of prime Parque Rodo real estate (U$1,200 sq. mt.), looking at a store to buy and building beach cabins (U$45 sq. mt.).

Check some prices for yourself at
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