Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't know nothin'

Whatever you think you know, it usually turns out you don't. The cruel irony is that we acquire knowledge and ideally wisdom then only to relax our natural curiosity and skepticism.  Oh you think you don't, but you probably do.
Do you listen to people and think "yeah, I know" or even worse, wait for your turn to talk and then say "yeah, that's just like blah-bity-bloo and so and such thing", or "I used to know a", or "isn't that something like the ...."?
Do you follow this? It's what we do.
We respond with something pertaining to the subject matter, and delude ourselves into believing it's polite and engaging to add something relevant to the conversation. It's really so we can show that we've learned something too. We're proud of it and in many cases have good reason to be.
It takes years, patience and some degree of suffering to 'know' anything. Alas, we must share air time with folks spewing opinions, people with a blatant contempt for facts, the insecure, narcissistic and often dull. It's maddening.
So just assume the next time you open your mouth you'll say what doesn't need to be said and wouldn't matter one way or the other anyway.
Look here for tips on frugal living in Montevideo. That's if you live here. There will be no advice for those people "thinking about moving here". No posts on the cost of living here,  for your comparison. 
There is much to respond to in regard to some of the ExPat sites out there. I want people to know the truth, knowing how subjective that is, and what I read sometimes is far from it. Anyone who is skeptical is invited to discuss it in depth with me. You will read about how we live with in our budget and why I think anyone can.
I will do my best to keep this up. The challenges are many, rewards few. 
Let's see if anyone is interested.
All in all, a biased, unapologetic and hopefully lively discussion on living in Uruguay.

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