Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bite Me, Blogfear, Your Diet

Uruguay eliminates Italy

Uruguay stubbornly refuses to give up on the World Cup.
After a well deserved drubbing from Costa Rica things looked bleak. Their definitive win over England caused everyone to rethink the tiny country's chances.
It's looking hopeful again, always a bad sign around here.
But that's the great attraction of this sport: any team at this level can beat the other at any moment. You just can't know. We just may.
If 'El Depredador' can stop biting people.


Here's the dictionary you've been longing for. If you are the longing type.
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows gives names to the feelings you thought you alone possessed. Melancholy depressives, melodramatic nostalgics, morose introverts, welcome!
Fuel for the fire that's burning in your soul.


be afraid, be very afraid
Something I've always felt would make a great source of food and go along way towards reducing what looks like an overabundance of 'pest' on the planet would be to eat bugs.
Hang on.
Everybody's heard of exotic delicacies in the 'east' (forgive the Anglo-centric viewpoint); baskets of crunchy bugs. I know people already eat them, but why can't we all?
If you think eating almost anything would be better than a bug, take a look at the evidence.
We eat plenty already that is made to taste and feel like something it didn't start out as
These things are high in protean low in fat and easier to handle than say, cows?
I'd be willing to bet many vegetarians will find this a tolerable compromise.

I could be off the mark with reducing our vermin population. In fact we may inadvertently help the bugs take over the planet again. Sci-fi writers take note.
I like this as an idea that treats our exploding population with the contempt it deserves. This idea or something from it could help us to use more of what we've got, slow our roll which seems to roll over everything else oblivious to the consequences.
Vice has a word on the subject.

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