Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That's just the fear talking

Says Gomez, something we hear a lot of around here.

Here is some compelling testimony that's pretty hard to ignore. Do check this out.

From director Chris Smith (American Movie) this 2009 documentary called Collapse is yet another "I told you so" or "the sky is falling" depending on your take on the shit storm that is this modern world.  

If not every purported fact, definitely it's message is closer to reality than the average CNN story.

My kook-o-meter definitely went off during this film, but usually the nuttier the story, the better the chance of it being something real.

Of course by the slim chance anyone reading this is still in the everything-is-fine camp, they might choose another, loopier category.

The film is a focused interview with Michael Ruppert who tells a riveting story of how he apparently predicted our most recent financial crisis in his newsletter 'From the Wilderness'.

Peak oil is the center of his we-are-doomed treatise although he doesn't have much good to say about the intelligence agencies (US or otherwise), the Federal Reserve or the Oligarchs who rule the world either.
Hey, who does?

Ruppert was a police officer in another life has turned independent reporter and talks us through crises after crises in economics, energy, and the environment. Par-tay!

What to take away from his 'knowing' what was going to happen could spawn another series of documentaries. I say bring it. People have had a sense of the rigged game we're in since the
strong wrested power from the weak ages ago.

Right on Michael. Now what?

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