Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Local News

Here's another glimpse of Uruguay from a local news item. Reprinted (without permission) from Montevideo Portal. I wasn't able to link directly to this article, only the site, so here it is.
19.08.2011 14:40 /
Give him the lie

(I am not sure if the translation is correct for this title.)

The former Secretary of Interior, José Diaz, assured that Pedro Bordaberry’s initiative to lower the age of criminal responsibility is “fake and full of lies.”
 “Fear is reactionaries’ resource”, said José Díaz, former Secretary of the Interior, to La República newspaper. 

Regarding Pedro Bordaberry’s claims, which accused Tabaré Vásquez of promoting crime, Diaz said that “Bordaberry’s initiative is fake and full of lies and therefore uses fake arguments.” 

“Bordaberry said that by means of the Humanization Law, I released 1,200 dangerous criminals, and that this is why national crime and delinquency rates increased. But this is not true, neither in quantity nor quality. In fact, only 800 people were freed” he stated.

About the political leader’s campaign to lower the age of criminal responsibility, Diaz stated: “Let’s not frighten people. Fear is the resource of reactionaries and conservatives, and leads to restoring authoritarian structures. It’s not by chance that a dictator’s son is behind this.”

 This guy Bordaberry is the right wing party candidate and  the son of a former president. Not exactly a dictator, but the president who aided the military take over of the government. It's fools like that who 'legitimized' the power grab by militants, which of course led to a disaterous 8 year  dictatorship.
Good going Dorkaberry!  As everywhere in the world, these dolts appeal to the wealthy and aspiring, promising to keep the status quoe. Then they work up the rank and file with fear tactics. Hold steady Uruguay: the world's last sane place.

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