Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Bit

I took on a long overdue (and dreaded) task today. Our kitchen will be replaced one day. Until then I am trying to spruce it up some.

A bunch of tile were so loose I just plucked them off.  Putting them back is not as easy. They need to be scraped fairly clean. I broke a few in the process.

The cement behind was mostly sand. I had removed what was loose and filled and flattened to add some strength.

Since I don't have enough of this old tile, I concentrated on big areas like this one. The rest I decided to just smooth over with a finish coat ('revoke' as it known here) any areas that needed cut pieces.

This area by the patio door is a prime example. It looks pretty shabby like this.

There are still some cracks to fill, but painting is not far off.  

The cabinets are a disaster. I will probably just do something about the fronts to hold us over for a while. They will be history one day. 

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